What’s cooking in 2022

Mar 2022 | Blog

It’s always important to be on-trend, and that is hugely appropriate when it comes to the international flavour, fragrance, and functional ingredients markets. So, at Umami Search, we’ve picked out 6 key trends in our sector to keep an eye on – and try – in 2022…….


Plant-based milks

Research shows that almost one in thee Britons are drinking plant-based milk. The rise in veganism, vegetarianism and now climatarianism – a diet that’s focused on reducing your carbon footprint – has seen a significant rise in plant-based milk offerings which shows no sign of stopping.

Two in particular to look out for, are potato milk – which is low in sugar and saturated fat – and also blended milks, which look to be growing in popularity as more people are focussing on nutritional benefits and sustainability of what they are consuming.


The big breakfast

For many, it used to be a case of quickly grabbing something on the move whilst heading off for work or taking the kids to school. But March 2020 changed all that for so many people. The percentage of people who now work from home or have a different work routine has grown massively, and that has had a real impact on what many used to call “The most important meal of the day”.

More time at home means more time to plan and execute a cracking breakfast, and this has also impacted on consumers’ grocery buying habits. There’s far more time for a full English now, or to take the time to plan what your partner or family (or you) would really like to start the day off with. Research during the first lockdown showed sales of eggs, pastries, and bacon were well up on the previous year.


Umami – pasting the competition

Well, we would day this, wouldn’t we? No, take away the obvious name-bias, and Umami (Japanese for ‘savoury’) really is one of the go-to ingredients in 2022.

Why? Because it is so versatile and adds a depth of flavour to so many dishes. It’s a paste made from umami-rich ingredients such as tomatoes, mushrooms, and anchovies and is absolutely brilliant in soups, sauces, or as a seasoning on its own. Pop a bit on a steak or a chicken breast before grilling and you’ll get extra depth of taste with zero added sodium content. You don’t need much of it to make a difference to your meal too, and it’s flying off the shelves, with Waitrose announcing that sales of its own-brand Umami Paste are up by 17%.


A piece of cake

When it comes to rounding a meal off, it looks as if we’re going back to the future…..

This nation has always been obsessed with baking, and in particular, baking cakes. And the viewing figures, popularity, and love for The Great British Bake Off and the advent of the pandemic, has seen an increase in stay-at-home Brits trying their hand in the kitchen. Add in that 2022 is the Queen’s Jubilee year, and Britain will no doubt be going cake-mad in the coming months – great news for those that supply and sell essential baking ingredients, plus those who love an afternoon tea or a picnic, of course!


DIY Fusion

It seems that spending more time at home really has had a huge impact on the food industry in recent years. Often born out of necessity – basically, using what’s left in the pantry and cupboards before the next delivery arrives – has seen many different foods mixed and matched, often with things you really wouldn’t ever place them with!

Experimentation is the key, and for example, what’s so wrong with blending a few Asian ingredients into pasta? Create your own food types, be prepared to make mistakes…..but it’s all about enjoying being in the kitchen and making the best of what you’ve got and experimenting with different cuisines, ingredients, and flavours.


Top-tier burgers

Go to any city centre, and you can bet that you’ll see a number of new or pop-up burger joints or eateries that are packed with customers clambering to get their hands on the latest creations.What has always been a fast-food joint, pub, or diner staple has seeped into many high-end restaurants, too.

A great example is Mana, which is Manchester’s only Michelin-starred restaurant, and who launched a takeout burger limited to just 100 a day. Their much-vaunted takeout masterpiece is created using Lake District Farmers’ Belted Galloway smoked beef patty comprised of shin, brisket, and rump cap. It’s a superb example of the humble burger taken to another level.


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